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Thank you for your Consumer Momentum Dryer Pre-Order. We look forward to providing you with the World’s Best hairdryer using UpFlow Technology! Feel free to tell a friend and forward this to all that can benefit from this revolutionary technology.

  • Faster drying (cut drying time in half or better)
  • Extreme comfort
  • No More Over Dried Hair
  • Reduces and almost eliminates excess perspiration
  • 21st century style and designed technology
  • Be the first to own the future
  • Tell a friend
All data is secure and will not be shared with third parties! We look forward to enhancing and improving your hair and beauty experience. Introductory Price $249.95 plus (s/h) Get the Ultimate Hair Drying Experience by clicking the Pre -Order Consumer model button below today!

Martin McCurtis

CEO Quantum Flow Inc.

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